4 Pack Gift Box - Kiss My Bhut
4 Pack Gift Box - Kiss My Bhut

4 Pack Gift Box - Kiss My Bhut

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Kiss My Bhut includes: 

Kiss Your Ass Goodbye - "An especially tasty garlic & Habañero sauce with one of the best label designs that I have ever put together, our thong clad, long haired bathing beauty." Great Louisiana style, medium heat hot sauce that matches all food groups, and has the fresh garlic taste to enable it to stand up to all chilis, as well as Cajun & Mexican foods. Comes with a cute little airplane keychain for your enjoyment.

This sauce has won multiple awards:
2001 Scovie Award Louisiana Style Hot Sauce, National Fiery Foods Show in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
2000 Texas Fiery Foods Shootout in Austin, Texas; 3rd Place in the Louisiana Style Hot Sauce Category,
1999 National Award Winner of the International Fiery Foods Assoc.
1999 1st Place Hot Sauce at the Philadelphia Book and Cook Show.

No Fat, No Calorie Ingredients: Habañero peppers, distilled vinegar, garlic & salt.

Made especially for Peppers in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware



Jump Up And Kiss Me Passion Fruit Sauce Hot Sauce - A wonderful blend of fruit & spices. With hints of mangos and pineapple, the tropical passion is sweet and tart. Here it is blended with pineapple, Habañeros and spices to enliven most dishes. Twist your lips with this sweet and tart sauce on all of your favorite dishes such as: chicken, fish, rice or in your vinaigrette.

No Salt, All Natural, No Preservatives, No Fat Ingredients: fresh pineapple, onions, apple cider vinegar, passion fruit pulp, Habañero chilies, passion fruit syrup, pure pineapple juice, garlic and spices.

From California.



Kiss Of Fire The Ultimate XXX Hot Sauce - This sauce delivers an all natural exotic flavor & passionate heat with a euphoric rush . "No attempt is made to water down this unique hot sauce. Made in small batches with Jamaica's famous Scotch Bonnet pepper, this sauce delivers a sensuous 'Kiss of Fire'." Ideal for spicing up salsas, chili, stir frys, drinks, dipping sauces, or use sparingly on meats, poultry, fish, pasta, rice, vegetables or anything you desire.


Winner 1998 The Chile Pepper Magazine Fiery Food Challenge Habañero Hot Sauce
1st Place Winner 1997 Fancy Food Magazine Chicago Hot & Spicy Show Contest.


No Fat Ingredients: Scotch Bonnet peppers, onions, vinegar, garlic, sea salt, mustard, & spices.

From Florida


Kiss My Bhut  Hot Sauce - Kiss My Bhut is made with the World's hottest chile pepper, the Bhut Jolokia from Northeast India. This chile was tested at 1,048,000 Scoville Heat Units(SHU) by Dr. Paul Bosland of the Chile Pepper Institute at New Mexico State University. Guinness has certified it as "The World's Hottest", blowing away the old champ, the Red Savina which was 577,000 SHU. This sauce has them both. So if someone tells you it's not hot, tell them KISS MY BHUT!

Awards: 2008 Zest Fest 2nd place international sauce!

Ingredients: Chile Peppers (Bhut Jolokia, Red Savina Habaneros) Vinegar, Onion, Tomatoes, Lemon Juice, Garlic, Salt, & Spices.

From Ohio