ARMASIGHT Apollo 160 (60Hz) 19mm
ARMASIGHT Apollo 160 (60Hz) 19mm

ARMASIGHT Apollo 160 (60Hz) 19mm

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Armasight is excited to introduce its latest and most technologically advanced family of Apollo thermal imaging clip-on systems to the sporting, law enforcement and military markets. The Apollo product line developed based on the latest FLIR Tau 2 VOx microbolometer core and optimizing performance, price, and state-of-the-art technology for a variety of users, from the committed hunter to the military designated marksman. The Apollo is a solid state, uncooled, long-wave infrared, magnified
dedicated scope intended for day and night engagements. The 24/7 mission capability is only one of the strengths of the Apollo. The thermal imaging technology also allows you to detect targets by cutting through snow, dust, smoke, fog, haze, and other atmospheric obscurants. The Armasight Apollo eliminates the traditional requirement of removing your existing day scope from your rifle, to replace it with a dedicated thermal sight (which would also involve re-zeroing). The Apollo simply mounts in front of your own standard daytime optical sight. Factory bore-sighted to tolerances of less than 1 MOA, no re-zeroing is required. The Apollo allows the user to maintain consistent eye relief and shooting position, and because
the user views his own day scopes reticle (which he is familiar with), no retraining is required.
In addition to being the smallest and lightest in their class, Apollo thermal imaging clip-on systems are characterized by their simple and intuitive controls, functions, and features that are layered among direct button adjustments, direct combination button functions, and electronic menu selections. This “layering” of easy-to-understand control functions provides
the operator with a framework for customizing his preferences and exploiting the robust variety of setting options available in the Apollo. The Apollo has a unique series of menu selectable temperature sensitive “scenarios” for rapid target detection, in addition to a variety of color display presentations based on a rich, upgradeable software package. A wireless remote switch is included to activate the Apollo thermal imaging clip-on system when positioned in the “standby” mode. The Apollo has the ability to record imagery and is equipped with a video-out capability in operator selectable NTSC or PAL formats. The Apollo uses the same multi-pin connector to provide video-in imagery, where there is a need for map or rangefinder display overlays, and external power access.
Apollo weapon installation is easy, repeatable, and reliable based on a unique and highly user-friendly MIL-STD-1913/Weaver/Picatinny rail compatible, quick-release locking mechanism.


Simple and quick conversion of daytime scope to thermal imaging
Mounts in front of any daytime scope, no re-zeroing required
The lightest and most compact scope in its class
User selectable NTSC or PAL format
The latest Tau 2 17-micron uncooled FLIR core technology
Display Type: AMOLED SVGA 800x600
Easy and Intuitive Drop-down user interface
Color Modes: White Hot/ Black Hot/ Rainbow/ Various Color modes
Extended operation time with optional external battery power
Recording: video output /optional Video Recorder with onboard
Hunting scenario algorithms for optimized performance (Hog,
Coyote, Mountain Lion, etc.)
Tactical scenarios (CQB, etc.)
Wireless remote control for tactical operations
Waterproof, CNC machined aircraft-aluminum alloy construction
Rapid start-up
MIL -STD-1913 (Picatinny Rail) Quick Release Mount
Limited 3-year warranty
10-year warranty on FLIR detector
Made in USA


Magnification (NTSC/PAL)Unity 1x
Image Resolution160x120
Objective Lens TypeGermanium
Type of Focal Plane ArrayFLIR Tau 2
Pixel Size25 μm
Video FormatNTSC/PAL
Display TypeAMOLED SVGA 060
Turn-on Time, max3 sec
DisplayOLED 640x480
Exit Pupil Diameter, mm25
Focal Length of the Lens42 mm
Objective Lens F stop1:1.2
FOV12° x 9°
Range of Focus2.5 to infinity
Analog Input and Output FormatPAL* / NTSC
Controlsdigital / direct
Objective Focal Length19 mm
Focusing Range2.5 m to infinity
Power Supply6 VDC/ 1 А
Battery Lifeup to 3 hrs
Environmental RatingWaterproof - 10m for 30 min
BatteryTwo CR123 Lithium 3V or two CR123 type rechargeable batteries with voltage 3.2V
Operating Temperature-40 to +57°C (-40 to +134°F)
Storage Temperature-50 to +85°C (-58 to +185°F)
Dimensions217×70×80 mm (8.5”×2.8”×3.2“ in)
Weight0.7 kg (1.5 lbs)
Warranty3 Years

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