Agency - Black TiNi
Agency - Black TiNi

Agency - Black TiNi

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The Agency follows a SOG tradition of recreating and modernizing historic classics. This unique knife was shrouded in secrecy and originally created for special CIA operatives in the early days of the Vietnam War. It was designed for clandestine and counter insurgency teams who lived in the jungle for months at a time and saw vicious close quarter combat. Never before reproduced, the beautiful flowing lines of blade and handle have been retained. We vastly improved the construction and quality with modern materials like TiNi coatings and epoxy filled leather washers that were unknown at that time. An exquisite design of the highest caliber, the SOG Agency captures the mystique of a positively unique fixed blade. First 1000 pieces are numbered collectibles.


Blade Length 7.5" x .15"
Overall Length 12.675"
Weight 9.6 oz.
Edge Straight
Steel AUS 8
HRC 57-58
Handle Epoxied leather washers
Finish Hardcase Black TiNi
Sheath Leather w/sharpening stone
Country of Origin Taiwan