Argus Thermal-Torch Camera
Argus Thermal-Torch Camera

Argus Thermal-Torch Camera

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Part Number:1879

The Argus TT is a robust, self-contained, simple-to-operate thermal imaging camera with integrated torchlight.  It is lightweight and ergonomic, capable of withstanding harsh environments and contains many of the most advanced features available for any Thermal Imaging Camera.

Key Features

  • Portable
  • Light Weight
  • Rugged
  • Simple to Use
  • Digital Zoom: x2, x4 (x4 for 320 format sensor only)
  • Colour Modes
    • Gray scale White Hot & Black hot as standard
    • Optional application specific colour mode packages (see rear of datasheet)
  • Integrated LED
  • Power
    • Rechargeable, or
    • AA lithium FR6 Cells
  • Optional Image & Video Capture (Removable micro SD)


Thermal Inspection of industrial pumps and piping.

Infrared image of a human in black hot.


Argus TT-Type CameraOrder Codes


The TT-type camera is available with a 160x120 or 320x240 format sensor, and a choice of fixed lenses which define the cameras field of view and typical detection range

Argus TT-Type Order Codes            Description

                                   Field of Fiew                 Range Performance*

                                    (FOV)                                      (m)

  • TT160A                        50°                                         86           
  • TT160B                        25°                                        172
  • TT320B                        50°                                        172
  • TT320C                        25°                                        361

*   Typical detection distance of a man-sized target

Available Upgrade Packages & Accessories

  • Argus Specialist                        Adds image and video capture capability to the thermal camera
  • Argus ColourPal                        Adds the enhanced Camera Colour Palette
  • Argus TTSoftCase                     Custom shoulder bag for camera and accessories
  • Argus TTHardCaseB                  Black hard case with custom insert for camera and accessories
  • Argus TT-AA-Pack                     Adaptor to allow the camera to be run on AA cells
  • Argus Lanyard                          Lanyard for the Argus TT
  • Argus BeltStrap                        Belt strap for the ArgusTT

Extended Warranty

  • Argus Ext Warr3                        Three year extended warranty