FLIR MILCAM XP 3-5 Micron InSb 50mm-250mm Long Range Thermal Imager
FLIR MILCAM XP 3-5 Micron InSb 50mm-250mm Long Range Thermal Imager

FLIR MILCAM XP 3-5 Micron InSb 50mm-250mm Long Range Thermal Imager

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This is truly a unique opportunity for the agency on a tight budget in need serious long range surveillance tool. The legendary MILCAM series of imagers from FLIR Systems Inc have served the needs of combat troops, border patrol agents and law enforcement professional around the world. Orignally designed and manufactured by Inframetrics Inc as the Inframetrics Milcam XP Plus until they were acquired by FLIR and made a part of the FLIR family. You will not find a finer pedigree in any thermal imaging system available. This is the real deal. Featuring an ultra sensitive 3-5 micron InSb cooled thermal detector the Mil Cam is capable of detecting the very slightest of temperature differences even at very long ranges or under the most demanding conditions.  With the included Dual Field Of View 50mm - 250mm lens you can achieve detection ranges in excess of 5km for vehicle targets. This is the ideal system for police agencies on the border or any other application demanding long range handheld thermal imaging. Not only is this a precision designed highly sensitive instrument, it is also a rugged military spec tool that will withstand the harshest of conditions. If you have a need for the ultimate in long range, cooled, 3-5 micron InSb thermal imaging and you are on a tight budget this is the thermal imager for you. Hurry because there is only one and it will not last.

Simple easy to use controls are also extremely rugged. The entire Milcam is built to stringent military combat standards. The system can handle the harshest of conditions and perform for you every time. Let it rain, let it snow, let it blow, You have a MILCAM so who cares what the weather is. Bad guys BEWARE!

50-250mm DFOV Germanium

Unbelievable long range imaging performance thanks to this awesome dual field of view 50mm - 250mm thermal lens. DFOV technology lets you instantly snap into long range mode to spot targets in excess of 5KM away. Talk about stand off distance!

The MIlcam-xp has controls for dual field of view 50-250mm zoom lens focus brightness contrast polarity diopter adjustment and a tripod mounting hole

Everything on the FLIR Infraremetrics Milcam-XP is right at your fingertips. Brightness and Contrast of the thermal image are adjusted with the rotating knobs on the side of the unit. Turn them all the way to the left for Auto adjustment or dial them in to the right for manual control. In between these knobs is a switch for polarity so you can instantly change from black hot to white hot thermal imaging. On the side of the massive 50mm-250mm long range zoom lens is the DFOV control. Simply snap the lever forward to go from wide angle to super telephoto in an instant. Focus for the high quality thermal optics is via a thumb wheel mounted on top of the unit. The integrated rubber lens cap protects your investment while the tripod mounting hole really helps out during extended long range imaging sessions. Finally the eyepiece has full diopter adjustment so you can tune the system into your specific eyesight. No matter what your application this is the top of the line in long range cooled thermal imaging performance. No one can hide from the MILCAM!



IMAGING PERFORMANCE EXCELLENT++Extremly sensitive imaging performance
IMAGE QUALITY EXCELLENT++Superior to any other imager
LENS EXCELLENT+No signs of wear or scratching 
CAMERA FUNCTIONS EXCELLENT+All functions work as designed 
EYEPIECE / LCD SCREEN EXCELLENT+Eyepiece only. no scratches, focuses well 
STARTUP TIME EXCELLENTImager starts up within specification 



What's Included In This Kit

  • Inframetrics / FLIR MilCam XP
  • DFOV 50mm to 250mm long range lens
  • Rubber eyepiece
  • 6 rechargeable batteries
  • AC/DC battery charger
  • Video output with BNC video cable
  • Hand Strap
  • Lens care kit
  • Lanyard/neck strap
  • Lens care kit including brush and microfiber cloth
  • Hard shell locking case with keys
  • Original operators manual

Inframetrics FLIR milcam xp kit