M1-D Micro Thermal FLIR PTZ Camera
M1-D Micro Thermal FLIR PTZ Camera

M1-D Micro Thermal FLIR PTZ Camera

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Part Number:1855

The M1-D is the latest multi sensor pan tilt camera system from SPI CORP. The M1-D is the first affordable micro PTZ camera to feature integrated thermal imaging camera (FLIR), CCTV camera and laser designator in an ultra compact rugged housing. The M1-D is an all weather remote positioning system suitable for mounting on a wide range of vehicles, vessels and stationary platforms. The M1-D is the breakthrough product that you have been waiting for to satisfy your imaging needs 24/7/365.

UPDATE: The M1D payload has been reduced to aprox. 2 LBS. weight, which makes it suitable for use in airborne remote sensing applications. SWAP is key to the M1-D system. The unit is ideal for UAV, SUAS, Multicopter and remote imaging application.

FLIR Thermal pan tilt camera specifications
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M1D gimbal with thermal sensor for UAV applications
The M1-D Micro thermal PTZ platform is available with the latest in high resolution HD thermal imaging sensors to give you an unrivaled view of the world around you. You have a choice of high resolution standard sensor or super High Res HD thermal sensors to fit your application and budget. Either way, the Micro M1-D is an impressive solution.

Sample UAV Thermal FLIR camera imaging, the M1-D PTZ EOIR gimbal is ideal for use with most all unmanned rotary or fixed wing UAV/SAUS

"If your needs are for a multi sensor mini gimbal PTZ ruggedized, robust & all weather Thermal FLIR camera then the M1-D is your quick and affordable soultion."