Palm IR 250D
Palm IR 250D

Palm IR 250D

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The 250 series of thermal imagers is the longest running infrared camera of all time.  The 250's are based on the BST thermal imaging sensor that is widely respected for its high contrast detailed imaging and ultra wide dynamic range. The BST sensor boasts a dynamic range that is superior to event the so called "latest and greatest" of thermal imagers on the market. While the 250 models are larger than todays ultra compact models, they still produce an image that many consider superior to the little guys. It would seem that all the effort has been put into making infrared cameras smaller and lighter but not necessarily better at imaging. The 250D is the latest model ever made for the 250 series. The D stands for digital. The THERMAL-EYE 250D features an advanced digital zoom. It also sports an upgrade Digital Signal Processing (DSP) core and allows you to manipulate edge sharpness, noise reduction and store user settings. The 250D comes standard with a 75mm 12° X 9° Germanium lens that gives you an estimated Human Detection Range of up to 3000'. Optional lenses are available including 25mm, 50mm, 100mm (motor focus) and 150mm (motor focus). The 250D is an exceptional imaging performer and is still suited to a wide range of image critical applications.




The BST thermal imaging sensor is widely regarded as one of the finest ever produced. Known as the "Gold Standard" in imaging performance, no other sensor can match its detailed dynamic range imaging.



The 250D stands for digital technology and features an advanced Digital Signal Processing core that allows for user control over edge sharpness, noise reduction and user preset settings. 



The 250D can easily be connected to included digital recording devices or standard consumer TV monitors.



ZOOM IN with advanced DSP based digital zoom technology that increases your situational awareness.


suspect climbing over iron fence caught with thermal imager

 suspect caught in the crossfire in the street with a thermal imager 250D

How could this long running high performance thermal imaging camera possibly get any better?  SPI integrates a DVR recording component with the 250D to give you advanced fucntionality that matches the imaging performance of the 250 thermal imager. The SPI X-DVR gives you thermal video recording and an ultra sharp LCD display. Includes remote control, mounting straps, micro-SD memory card and CCTV visual sport camera.