Spartan Armor/Condor MOPC Plate Carrier and AR500 Body Armor Platform - Call 954-804-4381 with ordering questions.

Spartan Armor/Condor MOPC Plate Carrier and AR500 Body Armor Platform - Call 954-804-4381 with ordering questions.

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Select Curve:
Single Curve
ATC Advanced Triple Curve [+$50.00]
Select Coating Thickness:
Base Coat Corrosion Protection
Full Coat Frag Mitigation Coating [+$55.00]
Select Carrier Color:
Coyote Tan
OD Green
Multi Cam [+$20.00]
Select Side Plates
AR500 Omega Body Armor 6x6 Side Plates Set of Two - Base Coat (Included)
AR500 Omega Body Armor 6x6 Side Plates Set of Two - Full Coat [+$25.00]
AR500 Omega Body Armor 6x8 Side Plates Set of Two - Base Coat [+$15.00]
AR500 Omega Body Armor 6x8 Side Plates Set of Two - Full Coat [+$40.00]
Add Trauma Pads:
10x12 Chest Pads [+$70.00]
10x12 Chest Pads and 6x6 Side Pads [+$120.00]
10x12 Chest Pads and 6x8 Side Pads [+$125.00]

When purchasing this package you will receive:

(1) Condor Plate Carrier (Black, Tan, OD)

(2) AR500 10x12 Shooters Cut Omega Body Armor Chest/Back Plates, Single Curve, Base Coat

(2) AR500 6x6 Omega Body Armor Side Plates, Curved, Base Coat

You have the choice of 6x8 side plates, upgrade to Advanced Triple Curved™ ATC™, and upgrade to full coat for fragmentation mitigation on the package. 

Condor MOPC

Spartan Armor Systems™ now offers the most affordable PC’s in the industry! Condor is a leading plate carrier manufacturer who offers great gear at affordable prices! These modular plate carriers are the best bang for the buck! Check out the features and you’ll see why Spartan Armor Systems has chosen Condor® for our plate carriers.


-Fits Spartan Armor Systems 10″x12″ AR500/AR550/Armaply Shooter’s Cut armor plates, SAS IIIA Soft Armor, and our Level IV composites

– Emergency drag handle.
– Detachable shoulder pads.
– Side release buckles on shoulders and internal waist strap.
– Accepts up to 6 x 8 side panel plates.
– Easy access to ballistic plates with pull down flaps.
– Adjustable/detachable cummerbund with pockets for side armor.
– One front map pocket with snap, hook & loop closure.
– All armor compartments (front, back & sides) have hook and loop panel.
– Lightly padded mesh on front and back harness for comfort and airflow.

Congratulations! You’ve found the best AR500 Body Armor known to man! Constructed from lab certified AR500 Omega Armor, (1/4” thickness) these plates provide the operator with Level III protection IAW NIJ0101.06 standards.

With all of our AR500 Spartan Armor Systems™ products, we only use ballistic LAB CERTIFIED AR500! All purchases of our Spartan Armor products have current lab certificates available on request. Remember, not all body armor is created equal! Read our "FAQ" to find out more about the AR500 Omega Armor we use to construct out body armor!

You have the choice of getting our AR500 Omega Armor formed on a continual radius die. Or with our Advanced Triple Curve ™.  Instead of bending our formed plates in 2 different locations as we used to, we have machined custom tooling to give these plates a nice curvature to best conform to the side of your torso. Spartan Armor Systems™ is proud to be the FIRST in the industry to commercially offer triple-curved AR500 body armor. Spartan Armor Systems’ ATC™ body armor allows the operator to shoulder their weapon with the most freedom and limited discomfort. The ATC™ armor better “hugs” the operator’s body, resulting in a significant increase in comfort. Our CNC equipment capabilities have allowed us to create dies which form our body armor without any “crease” bends. Crease bends, “work hardens” the plate and causes a significant amount of stress to the portion of the plate under load. We HIGHLY suggest when doing research to ask if they crease bend their body armor. This process results in increased potential for plate fatigue and failure, which is why Spartan Armor Systems™ has gone the extra mile to create this die process.

 Full Coat or Base Coat Options: 

We are excited to announce our potentially “life saving” breakthrough!  The strike face for our plates is mark embedded with our Spartan logo! Both sides of these plates are coated, however, the back side only has a “courtesy coat” to protect against wear and rust. The front of the plate is lined with 1/4-3/8 of our proprietary coating, Encapsaloc ™.  The result is a plate approximately 1/2-5/8” total thickness.  See our FAQ for more information about our Encapsaloc ™ process. Due to popular demand, we have added a “base coat” only option for our AR500 armor products. The base coat option has an extremely thin layer of our fragmentation mitigation coating to aesthetically enhance the plates, and to provide corrosion resistance. This coating has minimal, if any, fragmentation mitigation capabilities.


Chest Plate Weight (per plate): 10x12 Omega Armor AR500 Shooters Cut: Base Coat 8lbs 10oz. Full Coat 9lbs 11oz.


Side Plate Weight (per plate): 6×6 approximately 2lbs 1oz (base coat) 2lbs 15oz (full coat), 6×8 approximately 3lbs 10oz (base coat) 3lbs 14oz (full coat).


Advanced Triple Curve™ (ATC) AR500 Armor | Spartan Armor Systems™

With our Spartan AR500 Advanced Triple Curve™ body armor, the operator now has increased comfort. The Spartan AR500 armor, cut from genuine lab-certified Omega Armor, offers advanced Level III protection. We’ve taken everything in to consideration, to include ergonomics, functionality, and price point.

*******All products available on this category are sold under and branded under Spartan Armor Systems ™ The Target Man’s /Spartan Armor Systems AR500 Omega Armor products are manufactured from genuine, lab-certified AR500 ballistic grade steel. None of the products available on this website are sourced from, sponsored or approved by, affiliated with or in any way connected with Armored Republic, LLC.