T14X Thermal Rifle Scope
T14X Thermal Rifle Scope

T14X Thermal Rifle Scope

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Part Number:1860

T14X Multi-Purpose Scope Features

-Uncooled microbolometer FPA with 60 HZ real time video refresh rate
-High Grade coated Germanium lens with 9 degree FOV, super fast F1.0 optics
-3 user selectable reticles
-8 user selectable color and black and white imaging pallettes
-Inverted Polarity imaging scence feature
-Auto imaging / and Manual imaging setting for user selectable image adjustment
-TOI Target Of Interest crosshair (tracks and identifies the hottest spot on the image)
-Fully sightable windage and elevation settings
-Floating crosshairs adjusts to any image enviornment
-All metal housing
-AA battery operation
-Adjustable Mil Grade Eyepiece for desireable eye relief
-Onboard Image snapshot or movie recording implemented with removable SD card
-A.R.M.S 17 MKII picatinny quick release weapons mount
-Ideal for thermal imaging viewing, target acquisition, security & surveillance + a wide variety of applications.
-includes USB, external power cord, standard video output cables, rechargeable batteries, battery charger.
-Includes Carry Case
-Brand new 1 year warranty

What are the features that you should consider in choosing the Thermal Rifle Scope to use?

  • Thermal Scope Price: Usually, it is a wise decision to buy a thermal scope when it is at a promotional or discounted price since they are quite expensive
  • Scope Sensitivity: The Scope should have very sensitive detector material that are sensotive to 1/10th of a degree.
  • Year of Product Release: Just like most products in the market, the year that the product was introduced would usually gives us the idea on the features that they have. The price of the product is actually based on the features and the enhancements that it has among other products of its kind.  
  • Time for Start Up: In real life situations, it is important that our thermal scope has a fast start up. This will cause problems if your thermal scope takes forever before starting up.
  • Options for Mounting: Thermal scopes usually have several options for mounting. However, out thermal scope can be used as a hand held device.
  • Consecutive Autofire Rounds: This is a necessary feature, especially if you are going to use your thermal scope in the military or other security areas. Most these high quality thermal scopes are capable of making a massive autofire rounds reaching 5k.
  • Zooming Capacity: A scope will never fulfill its purpose without zoom capability. The distance on how far and accurate the thermal rifle and vision is capable of zooming is one of the essential features to look at when examining the scope.
  • Target Tracking: Out thermal scope is currently the only one that has automatic TOI (Target of Interest) Tracking.
  • Life of the Battery: Everything can happen in the battlefield or out for a hunt, Just like the time for your thermal scope start up, it is also important that it is capable of staying alive during your crucial hours.
  • Capturing and Storage of Captured Images: Our Thermal rifle scopes can store photos and videos internally to an SD removable care, this feature is essential so the user does not have to carry along additional recording devices. Our thermal riflr scope is all self contained sealed unit.
  • The Product Weight: Since thermal rifle scopes are used in a life and death situation, we prefer to have a lighter product. Because you will be holding the scope and will mount it either on the rifle, the lighter the product, the more that it will be an advantage to you. 

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