X-250 XP Thermal Imager
X-250 XP Thermal Imager

X-250 XP Thermal Imager

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Part Number:1868

The X-250 is the first low cost device that meets the needs of professionals across all platforms. Based on a new low cost VoX microbolometer thermal sensor, the x250 delivers high performance detailed thermal imagery at unheard of low pricing. The 250 is ergonomically designed to fit easily in your hands and be light enough to carry anywhere. For Law Enforcement professionals the 250 is a vital tool that is ready at a moments notice for suspect search, routine patrol, hidden compartment detection and officer safety at night. Thermal imaging is the ultimate night vision technology and with the easy to use x250 any department can afford to have a thermal imager in their squad cars. But there is more to the x250 than ordinary thermal imagers, so much more. The X250 features multiple color palettes, temperature measurement, video output and image storage on standard memory cards. This makes the x250 a low cost infrared camera system capable of advanced thermal analysis of industrial electrical equipment, predictive maintenance programs and building envelope energy audits. Great care was taken in the design of the X250 camera to make it a versatile, low cost tool that can perform well across a variety of applications. The x250 is an infrared camera that brings thermal imaging to the people!


Store digital thermal still images direct to standard memory cards available at any local store.


Put your awesome thermal images on a big screen that does them justice. The X-250 outputs standard NTSC video.


Ease of use is the hallmark of the powerful X-250 thermal imager. 3 buttons control the entire system.


Uses standard AA batteries or rechargeable AA batteries (available at local stores worldwide).




The possibilities are endless with the X-250. The perfect low cost thermal imager for law enforcement and industrial inspection applications. Yes you can do it all with the X-250!

Thermal Inspection of industrial pumps and piping.

Infrared image of a human in black hot.