X28 Clip On Thermal Rifle Scope
X28 Clip On Thermal Rifle Scope

X28 Clip On Thermal Rifle Scope

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The X28 thermal scope is the latest advance in thermal weapon sight technology combat optics. The genius of the clip on thermal weapon sight lies in the sophisticated optical engineering that lets you attach the X28 FLIR sight in FRONT of your dayscope to turn it into a thermal rifle scope without affecting weapon zero. Hard to believe- but absolutely true! You never need to make any zero adjustments when you mount or dismount the X28 thermal FLIR sight from your rifle.  As long as your daytime rifle scope is sighted in, then the X28 thermal scope will be spot on Zero. All you have to do is mount the X28 thermal sight to the front (barrel side) of your scope with the quick release mount and BOOM, instant thermal weapon sight! The X28 thermal rifle scope works with almost any day scope (magnified or red dot) and is particularly well suited to standard military ACOG 4x32 style scopes. But it does not stop there. If you so desire the X28 thermal rifle scope can be used standalone without a day scope. Multiple internal reticles can be selected and sighted in to your weapon with internal windage and elevation control. Of course the X28 FLIR scope can also be used as a handheld thermal spotting scope. Whatever your mission profile the X28 thermal sight is a tool that delivers maximum performance and maximum ROI for your security budget.


The X28's Thermal rifle FLIR sights Positive locking quick release lever to transition from day to night quickly.


The X28 thermal rifle scopes Sophisticated optical engineering so you never have to rezero your weapon. So advanced its magic.

Thermal rifle scope FLIR clip on sight


Activate the internal reticles so you can use the X28 thermal rifle scope as a standalone thermal weapon sight. 5 crosshairs are included


The X28 thermal rifle scope's CR123 batteries are available at consumer outlets worldwide. Never be left without batteries.



An advanced combat optic the X28 thermal rifle clip on FLIR scope is waterproof and designed for the rigors of combat.



The X28 thermal FLIR scope is Designed to be an intuitive easy to use system in total darkness the X28 is a joy to work with.

Sensor: High Resolution / High sensitivity Uncooled uFPA US Made Microbolometer

Thermal Sensitivity: <50mK (MilliKelvin)

Spectral Response: 8 – 12µm (Microns)

Objective Lens: US Made High grade coated/hardened Ge (Germanium) Auto Focus, Sealed optics

Polarity: white hot / black hot

Crosshairs: User selctable 5 styles (Inverting to compensate for image scene)

Battery Type/ Life: CR123 Lithium (2ea.) Over 5 hours continuous

Weight (with batteries): 550g

Dimensions (L x H x W inches): Approx 6.5” x 2.7” x 2.6”

Display: High Resolution OLED - 800 x 600

Environmental: -20⁰C to +60⁰C  (operating temp.) -20⁰C to +70⁰C  (storage temp.)